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I am pretty new to this site and the industry as well but I must say this is by far the best thread I have read thus far. I am 17 (as of November '13) and purchased a guys business with a 14ft trailer, John Deere walk behind, Bad Boy Outlaw XP 61" (30 hours on it), blower, and a trimmer. I have 10 residentials and a big commercial factory. I have intentions on building my business over the next few years with extreme caution paying attention to all the factors like the ones discussed in this thread.
I actually took three pages of notes (starting on page 100) of your thread and I just really appreciate all the insight you have spread with some of us younger guys. I am homeschooled and have spent the last month or so just thinking and thinking coming up with a business plan and a marketing plan for 2014. I just wanted to applaud you for growing your company and showing others its not easy but it is possible! I also love your little saying "dont be a jack of all trades and master of none".

-H&H Lawn Care and Landscaping
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