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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
I see no reason against augmenting (spot treating) an organic program with synthetics to handle these problems as long as you are not representing your self as an Organics only company.

It has been my experience that such a program will provide better results than either a conventional or pure organic program. And BTW, reduce your costs with less health and environmental concerns.
Barry nails it here. Don't forget there are temperature restrictions with the organic products as well. We have had clients love the organic idea, but they are some of the first to complain about a weed on a 90 degree day. We get excellent results with organics on the nutrient side, using "safer" weed control products like Fiesta when appropriate and not being afraid to use herbicides when necessary. Our clients really just want results. Sell a higher level of service, reduced chemicals, healthier soil and better drought tolerance.

All of the above posters are right. 100% organic won't satisfy most clients.
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