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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
I'm not too concerned with the loader lifting full pallets of bricks as I am not planning on doing any heavy lifting in the foreseeable future. It will mainly be used to help clear brush and move bark/mulch/snow/dirt. I know this won't be as powerful as a skid steer but it will work quite well for me and what I plan on using it for, I think.

It's tough for me to spend nearly $40k on a new tractor but the 0% for 48 months does ease the pain a bit by spreading the cost over a bit of time. I only know it will be tough because I know I'll be using the tractor personally quite a bit but I haven't really done any tractor type work before so I'm not sure how much business I will be getting right away for the tractor.

Also, do you find your tractor to be light enough to take on lawns if needed with minimal damage? I don't really wanna damage people's lawns too much if I have to take the tractor across the lawn.

You really need to look elsewhere. I bought mine for 16,500 last year. It's a 2011 model with 140 hours on it. Why buy a brand new machine?

John deere finances used machines too, from dealers. I take my tractor on all my customers lawns, I have high flotation turf tires that you won't even notice a 4000lb tractor was there.

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