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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
You can write all the manuals in the world but actually implementing everything is whole nother ballgame. Honestly if I were in your shoes I would focus on getting started with your web presence, it sounds like your letting yourself get overwhelmed with the details, it's never going to be a perfect scenario, get started and move forward like the saying says crawl then walk then run. Are you going to lose some money? Yes you are, any form of marketing takes time, you really have to focus long term, accept the fact that your going to lose some money along the way, just be careful. Shoot for 100 accounts this season, there is a LOT more to this business than anyone ever thinks there is.I don't mean to sound preachy here but slow down a lil bit and catch your breath. I was a DI in the Army, and all my trainees always came in all fired up and gung ho and I had to gain control and manage their enthusiasm.
I definitely get what your saying. i worked in cssamo and taught classes regularly. (E-3 in a e-7 slot) i feel fine showing people exactly how i expect things done. I feel this will only become hard when trying to find a 2nd crew leader. then it will become harder to properly train people to my standards. We crawled in 09 walked last season this season we are going for a good airborne shuffle.
I am well aware that you learn something new everyday in this industry. i plan on continuing to learn. I'm very good at problem solving and adapting & overcoming situations.
on a side note. di are badasses. took me a little while to just realize what all you have to do. i was worn out everyday. you guys watch us go to sleep & are there before we get up. i honestly don't know how you guys do it. my hats off to yo.
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