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Originally Posted by Locqus View Post
Huge problem with collections as well with my smaller operation. It is really hurting us to make payroll when half of the route lags on payment and I am always fighting for it. It gets exhausting. Trim the fat every year, but still seems like almost half of my time is clawing for the money we worked hard for. Thinking about maybe a credit card on file policy, which probably won't go over well.
The problem can be two fold. When I sign up a new customer they are told they have to pay 10 days from the date on the invoice. They're late. They get reminded. They're late again they get dropped. I tell them is not me not trusting them though I need to get paid on time to prevent cash flow problems.

Second problem is people get too caught up in growing their business they take on people at less then their regular price and keep on customers that should of been dropped a long time ago.

A good business can not be built on bad customers.
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