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Originally Posted by allaroundguys View Post
im just going off my current customer base. i think its more of the economy. honestly id prefer all weekly accounts but im more than happy to do bi weekly if that's what they can afford. i do charge slightly more for bi weekly customers. we also kept our service area kind of small. i really like to focus on dominating neighborhoods. for logistic reasons it makes us more efficient. I'm huge into having multiple houses by each other. i feel it greatly increases money per hour and money in grass.
$65? She must really like them. then again this is why my business partner will be bidding the lawn mowing. where i get $35-40 for about a 5k lawn he will get $40-45.
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In her little area she says that $65 is common. I do not believe its common all over the metro. $35-45 seems more like the norm from those I have spoken to. If you are taking lawns in the KC area less then $30, you are being taken. Btw, I was not suggesting that you were. Just a blanket statement.
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