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My first ChemLawn truck was #804 (February 1979 south Dallas, TX branch). My favorite was truck #1444 -- ChemScape tanker (north Dallas) >> Three (green) tanks + two 100 gal tanks toward the back. Two 1/2 inch hose reels underneath plus a one inch "tall tree" hose reel on top of the bed. Hydraulic agitation paddles in all five tanks.

These Chemscape trucks were DECADES ahead of their time >>> Even to this day nothing compares! Serious!

Then the Duke family started selling their company business -- so Chemscape trucks switched to (cheap) "lawn care style" tankers to "save money". Instead of spending over $50,000 for a "space-age" unit, ChemScape tankers cost just under $30,000 (similar to the lawn care tankers).

From that point on, ChemScape went downhill forever. ((I have many other reasons regarding this, but won't post here because the list is long)).

Photo is me August 1984. Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. Space shuttle "Challenger" in the background.
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