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OP try not to read too much of what people say on here. Don't get me wrong you can learn a lot from this site but some people can tend to be very negative about certain things or simply just misunderstand what you're trying to say. When I first read your post I too thought 250 with a 3 man crew was impossible but 125-150 is def doable. If your lawns are as small as you say I would figure a 3 man crew can do about 35-40 in a 10 hr day. Try to do the majority of your advertising in the first 2 months for lawn accounts but make sure to space it out.

I'll be entering my 3rd season this spring and hope to be at 150 weekly myself. First make sure you have the capital to support the expenses that are going to come along with this many accounts. I myself have am preparing to have about 20-25k in capital. This should cover me for 2 months of expenses. Second, make sure you have the time to do the estimates. In the spring people expect you to meet them that day or at least within 24 hrs or they'll get someone else. Make sure you get the bang for your buck on advertising because the first 2 months will be crucial in adding lawn accounts. Personally I'll be doing 25k flyers in the first 2 months. 5k every 2 weeks starting April 1st. I plan to only work 30 hrs max a week so I have time for all the estimates that'll be coming in.

Some guys on here have mentioned using 36 inch mowers and wonder why they can't reach this many lawns done in a week. Personally I have a 52, 48, 36 and a 30. I try to use the bigger machines as often as possible and last year was doing 25-30 a day with 2 men. Same size lawns as you mentioned. So it's def possible. Also if you're going to be working your guys that much you might wanna consider upping their pay a little. They'll work harder for you and get your lawns done even quicker. Sometimes a1-2 dollar increase in pay will be enough to get them busting there a$$es. But again. Most important things to remember. Make sure you have the capital and make sure you have the time to do the estimates. If you can do that you should be fun. All the best
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