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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Don't forget to factor in weather, it screws us up every year, LOL if you don't build in some makeup time you'll only screw yourself. Don't max yourself out, it'll only come back to haunt you. I agree, have a plan in place to be able to quote within 24hrs. I was never able to have as much capital as I wanted and it slowed things down quite a bit also, 25K for operating would be a great start for sure.
First id like to thank you guy's for your advice.
my biz partner and i are still debating on how many days we want to run. id like to do 5 days mowing specially for allowing for weather. he wants 7 days. lol probably go 6. All depending on the work load we can generate.
I'm good but not great at saving money so 25k would be a stretch. Simply because there's so much we want to add equipment wise. we do have a goal of 10k stashed away for business by July 1. our plan is for every dollar spent on gear a dollar goes to saving.
We are pretty good at trying for a 24hr turn around for estimating. we also write estimates for simple mow & go on flyers as we go. we get better response and cuts out the need to go and estimate a mow. (We offer more services such as landscaping fence etc)
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