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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
I see no reason against augmenting (spot treating) an organic program with synthetics to handle these problems as long as you are not representing your self as an Organics only company.

It has been my experience that such a program will provide better results than either a conventional or pure organic program. And BTW, reduce your costs with less health and environmental concerns.
This is a very confusing topic for industry practitioners and customers. Practitioners who follow this type of program usually call it their organic program or they call themselves organic operators. They sell their programs as being better for people, pets, and the environment, but they still use the same chemicals in the same quantities that conventional operators use. Most conventional operators that I know only use chemicals in spot treatments, just like you’re advocating. The only difference is fertilizer – and some of that used by the organic crowd is still conventional.

I saw that when I visited the website of a prominent poster on this site. He touted his organic program (and even had ‘Organic’ in the company name), but his website listed conventional fertilizers and conventional herbicides in the program, but included compost tea mixed with the liquid conventional fertilizer.

How would you pitch to your customers (and the rest of the community) the type of herbicide-augmented program that you’re advocating?
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