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Originally posted by Popsicle
Ric, first of all, is it possible for you to respond with a little more courtesy? He obviously felt the question was a legitimate one.

While I agree that some chemicals have their place in agriculture (I.e.: synthesized naturally-occuring compounds), your blanket statement, "chemicals don't harm the environment", is just incorrect. This is the difference between fact and opinion.

Sorry you are thin skinned. Yes his Question is Legitimate as was my reply.

You have only Quoted haft of my statement. People are the ones who harm the environment not chemicals. Chemicals do not get into the environment by themselves. Man must put them there in large amounts to do harm.

Education is the Key here. Unfortunately The Green Industry is labor intensive and does not attract many people who are willing or able to be Educated. The Agriculture Industry is now starting a "Certified Crop Applicator" and it will become a requirement in years to come. I believe that Organics have a place along with chemicals. That is the only reason I lurk here.

Yes I Apply Chemicals and Organics for a living. But I would like to think I have social conscience. In my 60's I got a degree in Horticulture. And I still I take two classes a week of which I must drive 100 miles to class.

We must solve this problem with Reason and not Emotion.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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