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You are honestly Fu#$ing awesome DVS!!!!!! I started my company last year but I had worked for over 15 years for a landscaping/lawn care company right outside of Boston. The company had a hardscape division that I was lucky enough to work on here and there but I was a foreman for lawns otherwise...

Anyway, my shingle has only been out for one season and I already did 2 patios and a walkway... I didn't even advertise or set up for hardscapes, just got asked by clients so I did them... Just wanted to say thanks not only for the valuable information that you have posted here on L.S (yes, I consulted your posts many times over the last season) but also for the utterly entertaining way in which you present it. Case in point, this thread that I just read that has been going for what, 5 years now? Just wanted to say thanks and please do not stop posting...
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