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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
How does this apply to commercial buildings that use property management companies
Almost in the exact same way. Find out what Portfolio Manager has that property and get in contact with Him/her.

If its a busniess park , walk into a business and ask for the manager. They should have the contact info for the Portfolio Manager. Its in a way easier to gather their info because the store manager wont really care about releasing that info.

Once in contact with them just sweet talk your way into sending over an estimate.

****dont get your hopes up if they say yes to accepting a bid. They will sometimes just say yes to get you out of their hair. If they say no ask when they will be accepting bids and if its possible to get onto their vendors list. GETTING ONTO THE VENDORS LIST IS KEY!!! because other portfolio managers from the same company will see you on the list and may contact for future bid meetings.

Also, if you have not worked for this management company before dont try and bid on their big pretty sites. They dont know you and most likely wont give them to you. Research the management company and ask to bid a smaller site so they can try you out.

Those are some strategies we use and they seem to work great.
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