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Green under snow

In the your grass green? How do you know?
I dug off the snow and discovered that my grass was mostly green. However the soil was frozen. I am not that big--but I could not penetrate a trowel into the soil. Temperature was 21 today, but it has been down to about zero F, a few times in the last two weeks. I am wondering...if I ran my irrigation...would it melt the snow and would I then have green grass?
I guess I will not try it, as then my irrigation pipes would be full..and they would freeze...not good.

Not sure...I suspect that my grass (Kentucky bluegrass and some per rye and fine fescue) will turn brown in spring--and only THEN become green again after a few warm days. (The spring green up around here is about Tax Day, April 15). First mowing is about the last week of April. We are a bit cooler than most in spring, because of cool breezes coming off Lake Michigan.

We have some Bermuda in the city park. I am pretty sure it was brown in the fall. I think it usually stays brown in spring until about the day temperature hits 80--about the first week of May.

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