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I think your price increase is a bit large. However, your point is well taken. Every company should have some exclusive feature that its competitors do not have. And be sure to point it out often and loud.
But, Iowa soils are so good, you should seldom need to add micronutrients. Iron and a few other nutrients can become insoluble and unavailable at high pH levels, of course.
Perhaps there is some other "exclusive" feature that your competition does not have:
Free nutsedge spray where needed.
Fast -acting (yet gentle) four way weed control, no slow-motion old-fashioned toxic weed gone.
Free mole control where needed.
Mysterious built-in product that repels moles, (castor oil, snake oil, or whatever).
Fifty percent organic for healthy soil.
"Only American has this built-in exclusive product that..." improves soil, reduces thatch, reduces disease, repels grubs, aerates soil, chases mosquitoes, stimulates thicker grass...reduces the need for water, (oh, wait, Scotts fertilizer does that.)

All applicators speak English...are experienced...licensed...full
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