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The fact that you are responding to the needs of the soil is your justification for being more expensive that someone slinging coated urea and not much more. In alkaline soils, I can also tell you that when it is bad enough, normal lawn fertilizers do not work the same as they do on neutral or mildly acidic soils. Alkaline clay subsoils will require much more effort to produce green grass than loam, sand or mildly acidic soil. Your response to micronutrients added as a dry granule to an existing blend may not be what you are looking for. I know in my area, so many percent dry iron, manganese, etc, added to lawn blends does a better job staining whatever hard surfaces it lands on than it does greening the grass. I am after green without a lot of top growth. So putting down high rates just shoots me in the foot. It is not my idea of fun to walk mow every other day.
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