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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
You can thank The EPA and CG. Hand held Equipment I believe will never be the same again.
He is absolutely correct. Thank the EPA and the big endorsing company that made it happen and then split.

The problem with nearly all 2-strokes these days is they barely run. These engines are so on the edge, i.e. finely balanced that anything upsets their running.

A small air leak, dirty filter, slightly clogged carb, plugged exhaust and the engine doesn't run anymore. It's not that Walbro makes bad carbs, nor Redmax bad engines, but there's just no reserve when tuning them like with older equipment.

I'm positive if the original poster tunes up his engines all round, they will run again (for another year) after which it will be the same old story. I believe 2-strokes are way better for handheld equipment, but the 4-strokes I have bought are less fiddly and have a lot more "reserve" before going out of whack.
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