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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Easy Lift Guy---- The way you spoke about whomever edited your post being banished conveyed the sense that he/she was a member... I guess I just assumed that because I found it hard to believe that a mod would be banished. Can you elaborate? If you can't, I fully understand.

P.S.... I always enjoy your threads and posts.... You are a no-nonsense type of guy...

P.P.S.... Are you the inventor of Easy Lift?
The former member was some how able to edit a reply to a thread that I had made in regards to my product. I was very surprised when this happened, called it to the attention of the person in previously mentioned I this thread. The person that was able to either alter or edit my reply was very demeaning with regard to my product. I believe Two other members replied after this had taken place, I believe one of the replies went something like, "this is going to be interesting". In any event I do not believe the former member who was responsible is a member currently. At least I have never seen any of his post since this occurrence. I also do not believe he was a moderator.

Thank you for your compliment, I can only tell it as it is.
For all intensive purposes after many improvements over the original design and buying the company some time ago, I am and always will be the easy-lift guy
Best Regards.

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