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Originally Posted by PK Mows View Post
I demo'd the Toro and loved it. Been holding off buying two because I've been hoping Honda would bring one out. If no Honda by March I'll be buying the Toro Turfmaster. And then of course Honda will bring out a 30" in April.....

I'm not looking to replace any mowers with them but use them to complement the other stuff on the trailers. Like I have a crew that only does high-end properties, they'll be getting one of these 30's. that goes with their rider, Honda HRC and one or two walk-behinds, depending on what day they're cutting. Just another option for them on properties where everything has to be perfect Another crew that only does rentals and rough commercial won't be getting one. I have a "short" crew that only cuts small properties, like zero lots, they'll be getting a 30" to go with their HRC and 37" Toro.

Just another tool, not appropriate for all properties, but will make money when used correctly. Just wish Honda would make one......
I wouldn't get my hopes up. Most new equipment is announced in the fall. Not spring. If they waited till spring to announce no one would know about them and they wouldn't sell many. Everyone knew about the commercial 30s 5 months in advance.
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