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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
I have some honest Walker questions as I have never ran one. They seem to be popular in urban areas where lots are small, flat, and require bagging.

How many bushels does the Walker hopper hold? (My 12 bushel bagger fills up in two passes on 1 acre plus properties, and leaves here get over a foot deep) Good thing I only have a handful of customers that want bagging.

How do they cut in the rain/dew/wet conditions? (We mow in wet conditions often)

How do they handle hills? (Im talking real hills)

I have had customers complain about the third wheel stripe from the sulky on a WB. How much is the Walker 3rd wheel eliminator kit?

What is the top speed of a Walker and how comfortable are they on rough properties? (We have some large rough properties, 3 acres plus)

How is the cut quality on Walker side discharge decks? Clipping size, discharge pattern, any clumping when wet? And any pics would be great.

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They don't handle hills very well

In tall grass that is wet you have to go slow or it will clog

They don't have a fast top speed 5-7mph. And on rough properties the ride is uncomfortable unless you have the suspension seat
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