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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
No, that's not the case at all. His particular Kohler rect/regulator doesn't require 12V to get motivated.

I didn't say the no battery units didn't have a regulator. Most all use a rectifier/regulator to convert the AC to DC.
Most diode only systems offer no current-voltage regulation. (Think B&S powered lawn tractors etc )
BigFish, we have Walkers with Kohler regulators and on several machines, high resistance on the B+ wire connector between the engine harness and machine harness has caused the mowers to shut down from lack of battery voltage which in turn caused the battery to go dead. If the OP has a different setup, then why would his machine be shutting down once the battery was disconnected? I am looking to learn from this forum as well as others as experienced as you so can you please enlighten me?
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