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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
The thing I hate the most is how few options I have with employees. My partner and I work in the field it's where we are happiest. I can't stand office work nor him. But hiring requires we place and ad we takes dozens of calls we screen and take the turd with the least amount of flies. It eats up days which costs us thousands in lost work time for every employee we hire. Hiring is not free to us so firing is not a punishment to them but a self inflicted punishment to us. It means one you are now short handed and the solution to fix that is to get out the field go into the office and take interviews and all that stuff. So basically your unable to get your work done and your plan is to do even less of it. Then of course the new guy lies about his skills and experience they always do and you find you would of been better off not hiring anyone in the first place. As a result we end up dealing with crap that everyone would say fire them over only rather than looking at the thing they did wrong you end up weighing it against is it so bad to warrant inflicting thousands of dollars of costs on our selves just to be in the same spot a month from now.

That is the thing I hate the most and the solution is as harsh as the problem was to begin with. Either learn to accept ones fate of having your stuff destroyed and mistreated and doing substandard work while you sit in an office you cannot stand to be in. Or simplify the business and drop the employees and do the work your self. The trouble is the grey area. You cant get out of the field on the backs of just 2 employees and since I have a partner it would require having a dozen. That's the price to make what we could make with out having them in the first place. Anyways you asked and thats my answer which has 11 years of thought into that something to think about before offering a 5 min thought out reply.
Why do you have to be in the office?

Can't you have a person to handle the books and take the calls for you?

Lost time on the job interviewing?

Why not interview before or after your day?

Trucks head out at 8 am you meet at 7 am. He can't get there for 7 then you know he is not going to show up on time at 8. Same if you get done at 5 pm. You interview at 6pm. He does not want to show at 6 you know he will not want to put in the extra hour when needed.
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