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#1 - I realize that the questions was what do you hate, but even outside of this thread, no one in this business seems to enjoy it after 5 years or so. I don't want a huge business. I want to do about 500 to 600k a year running 3-5 residential/small commercial crews and take home 80k-100k depending on the year. I want to still be able to take joy in my job, enjoy what I do, the relationship with employees and 95% of my clients, and have energy to give to my family when I come home. I hate that I rarely hear of LCOs who have that. I am worried I am being naÔve and arrogant in thinking I can have that one day. I don't want an effortless/ stress free business. I do want one that I don't dread.

#2 - Paperwork/ inputing things into the computer, thank goodness my wife loves doing that, free bookkeeping!
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