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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
I do not have a full schedule though if I did it would still be hard to give a straight answer. Even if we get $60 and we worked a 40 week season you hit the buttons on the calculator you would come up with the potential to say wow, $96,000 a year gross.

But the we do not just work a fixed week schedule. You can not even say you are not going to do any Landscape work over the winter. Well I did 3 jobs January 2014. Because you work every day during the summer does not mean you work every day in the spring and fall. So with hours varying week to week you can only guess.

In my case if I were to hit my target number of customers I could say that based on that my mowing season is x weeks long I am going to make y dollars. Though even that number will be off. Because not every one has the full number of cuts. You are not always going to have everyone feed and water so their grass starts growing early and delays going dormant in the fall.

Same with Fall clean ups, spring clean ups, fert & lime, aerate, reseeding, are things that not every customer wants. So just because you have 40 customers does not mean you will get 40 Fall clean ups, etc.

You will have people that want their lawns mowed and do their own clean ups, or pay for clean ups and mow their own lawns. So even if you plan on having 40 customers. They will not all want full service.

Now if I was to hit my ideal number of customers. The best way I can project my gross would to say if I have 12 customers now 4 want fert, 8 want clean ups, etc. Then if I had 24 customers then 8 would want fert, 16 would pay for clean ups, etc.

So I could get what I would think is a good guess.

For me 24 customers wanting the same mix of work that I currently do I could yield a gross of $35,472. Now if I had all full service customers then I could gross $50,592.

Now I do some tree and shrub pruning though they are not that often so my numbers could go any where from $100 - $1,000 more.

Then I do some snow. Though where I live we get snow every year though not every year can be counted on to make a lot of money. So I never count on making money with snow and never project how much money I can make. You can not run budgets on money that may not be made.

Could I handle more then 24 customers solo? I do not know. Let me get to 24 first. It is easy to count your chickens before they hatch and properties before you have them.

Though 48 customers would put me at $70,944 - $101,184.
Thanks, that's much more realistic and helps when making a decision to do this full time, what to really expect. I know not everyone is going to want weekly mowing and full service, but I would try to narrow my customers down to the ones that will pay someone to do all there yard work. I also didn't clarify what I meant as well in my first question, I wouldn't just have 30 or 40 customers, but may have 100 total customers that want different things, but I would try to get a schedule that would give me 30-40 lawns to mow each week, plus weekends to do any misc. work. And with a ideal schedule i wanted to know how much was possible to gross, and I think I've figured out now what I could realistically what do.
Thanks again!
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