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Originally Posted by ericg View Post
Dahammer, I believe that it would be difficult to use a recoil starter on the larger twin cylinder engines thus the electric stater which requires a battery and a means to recharge it. This thread is very informative but has left me with more questions than answers. Thank you to all that have contributed.
I have a 6 HP Kohler Command on a piece of equipment that has both, electric and pull start. But it does not have the DSAI or Smart Spark iginitions. It has an old standby magneto coil. It hasn't had a battery on it in years but starts the 2nd time I pull it every time.

My understanding is that due to the way the DSAI is wired on them, that they require voltage from the battery to fire. Prehaps they could be rewired to where the charging system supplied voltage to the coil as well, then it would run without a battery. I'm not sure, as I don't know much about the system.
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