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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Here in the land of $25 cheap cuts from the bigger Co. I'd say do this as a sideline income booster with minimal equipment. Go to college and get an education.

In another thread someone was claiming they where making $75k with a regular job and enjoyed mowings his limited number of accounts. Hey that's great but whatever happened to enjoying ones down time and go fishing or something vs chasing after more work. If you can't live off of $75k....? Maybe cost of living is outrageous...

I believe it's possible to make over $60k gross a year in my area in lawn maintenance but would require doing snow or other more profitable work than just mowing per say.
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Thanks for the help, I am going to college, and I'm getting a degree in the construction field, My grandfather and uncle are both contractors and I will probably go towards that direction, but I am wanting to build a landscape business so when I become a general contractor and building homes or remodels, I can use my landscape company and not have to sub out as much work. But I want to start with lawn maintenance and gradually build it up mowing 4 days a week and earning different license to do irrigation, herbicide, and pesticide, and taking classes for landscaping. For now I would be solo, but I think by the time I'm out of college, I should have a crew or 2 doing mowing routes and the extra jobs, while I found more work to keep them busy and would have time to start the construction side of business.
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