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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
The Original question was how many hours is too many hours on an engine similar to the ones on the BOP mowers Kawi V-twins.

My answer was....depends on how well it was maintained. 500 hours could be too many. Then again 1500 could be fine when properly maintained. Use of synthetic oil with high ZDDP levels and/or true SL/SJ rating.

The quick answer is have a reputable shop who know these engines do a compression leak down test.


And to keep this posting on track for the thread I really do love that fold up and down handle on the Time Master 30. I use the dwarf mode [lowest position] to get under trees branches constantly.

So what is holding Toro back from just putting the Kawi on the TimeMaster already....?
Didn't you say once that that castrol is a good zddp oil? I use castrol Gtx. Not sure if that's the same as reg.
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