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Originally Posted by 2 Cycle View Post
Gone are the days when I can no longer not eat a lunch when doing this. Had a day this past summer where i nearly passed out from not eating...
It's never good to not eat & drink during the day. Especially in our line of work!

Originally Posted by ColliCut Land Mgmt View Post
+1. If we're really in a hurry we'll do gas station sandwiches.
Originally Posted by 2 Cycle View Post
I only do fast food as a last resort, not that i don't like it but it seems to knock me out. Just get tired after nailing burgers
Best to avoid fast food & gas station sandwiches. Not the healthiest choices. And it will drain your wallet faster!

Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
Bring bananas, oranges, fruit with you and pack a sammich or two, with a gallon of water. You'll feel like a million bucks!
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I agree w/ this one! The only added recommendation is nutrient bars and/or packets of powdered nutrient drinks to mix as you go thru your day.
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