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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
obviously you havent driven one.

fender wont meet windshield, DOT wouldnt allow the vehicle to be sold as road legal otherwise.

and the wheel position isnt a problem for comfortability.

Creature comforts arent for work trucks, work trucks are for work, save money by not getting creature comforts... it's not your personal vehicle.
Yea Okay..... Having comfortable employees is less fatigue. Trust me sitting above a tire is a harder ride. Ever sit in the back of a SUV above the rear axle? The windshield depends on the truck now doesn't it? I see plenty of trucks where the fender is at teeth level. I don't see many OTR trucks COE anymore now do you? When you're 6ft plus you just won't fit in a COE comfortable at all. Also, it says out of Ford GM and Dodge.
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