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Ford GM and Dodge ALL make medium duty trucks.

GM makes a cab over with Izusu. The W series.

Ford makes a Cab over, but nothing below 25,000 Gvw. They are hard to find.

Being more informed/educated would help tremendously with more intelligent and less opinionated posts.

Most lawn crews dont spend much time IN the cab of a truck. they spend it on the lawns.

Same goes for site workers.

Are the drivers? No.

If you have drivers/expeditors who spend most of their day driving, then that would make more sense.

Put AC and a radio in your skidsteer, sure... but they don't need leather seats, power windows and a sweet stereo in the crew truck.
You don't want them spending more time in the trucks, you want them on the job.

Ive run huge fleets for large companies... I know my fleets, where's your experience coming from?

Oh yea...back to opinions where you didn't realize the big three make medium duty trucks.
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