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obviously you havent driven one.

Yes I have

fender wont meet windshield, DOT wouldnt allow the vehicle to be sold as road legal otherwise.

Yes they do. Do I really need to point out the models?

and the wheel position isnt a problem for comfortability.

That's a lie my head hits the roof and my back feels every bump oh wait there is a tire under my ass and the seat is jacked up in the air.

Creature comforts arent for work trucks, work trucks are for work, save money by not getting creature comforts... it's not your personal vehicle.

Most guys use one truck on here. COE are more than their counterparts. 12k gvwr COE isuzu is 35k+ for gas a gas Ford f350 is $30390...

Ford GM and Dodge ALL make medium duty trucks.

Yes they do. No they don't make cab over engines.

GM makes a cab over with Izusu. The W series.

Show me a new one?

Not in awhile so there goes your "makes" Isuzu is Isuzu which is not owned by GM despite what people may think. Toyota owns a minority of Isuzu. If Isuzu made a cab over with GM then Isuzu made an S-10 with Chevy and Mitsubishi makes Dakotas. I'll give you the with part but it's a stretch.

Ford makes a Cab over, but nothing below 25,000 Gvw. They are hard to find.

Not in awhile so sorry no "makes here". They make the F-650 and F-750 now with powered by Ford and Cummins engines with Allison and ford transmission along with Eaton.

Being more informed/educated would help tremendously with more intelligent and less opinionated posts.

Yes this would be more interesting that way maybe you should keep up old timer.

Most lawn crews dont spend much time IN the cab of a truck. they spend it on the lawns.

I don't know to many companies with "fleets" that mow lawns just saying.....

Same goes for site workers.

Yes they're just "peasants" according to you.

Are the drivers? No.

If they have a CDL they're professional drivers.

If you have drivers/expeditors who spend most of their day driving, then that would make more sense.

If they actually still made these trucks you speak of it would make sense.

Put AC and a radio in your skidsteer, sure... but they don't need leather seats, power windows and a sweet stereo in the crew truck.
You don't want them spending more time in the trucks, you want them on the job.

If your an owner operator you probably want a few of those features. It's great trying to wave a customer around to the traffic side of your vehicle to talk instead of hitting a button to roll the window down. It's amazing how much stuff doesn't get stolen out of unlocked trucks with keyless entry too.

Ive run huge fleets for large companies... I know my fleets, where's your experience coming from?

Those that can't do teach. Those that can't lead push. My experiences come from the trenches your royal highness.

Oh yea...back to opinions where you didn't realize the big three make medium duty trucks.

Really? I know they do. You're talking Cab over engine trucks that haven't been made in years by these manufactures. How long has it been since you purchased trucks for these "fleets"?

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