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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post
I would rather have the ground frozen under the snow than we have had for several years where the ground temp was above freezing and there was all kinds of snow mold.
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2 years ago here the ground never really froze hard. I could stick a tile finder right into the dirt then. I swore then some weeds survived that winter.

Yes it stays green under there, yes it will brown if it gets uncovered, yes it will be a touch thin and maybe 10 days late coming out in the Spring. If you aerate really early seems to help wake up the KBG. Some years you just can't get away with that, some you can.

The really healthy grass(not my lawns sadly)turns almost blue in the winter. Go look at one that got new sod in the fall!

Sad this is what we got on our plate in the winter! Hey y'all let go did up the grass and put pictures of how green our winter grass is on LS.
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