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I'm a Chevy/GM guy personally. I think they all have their merits. I find them easy to work on and I have only had minor issues to speak of. I do all my own work on my vehicles so that is a big factor for me. Love the mechanical, hate the electrical/computer crap in vehicles.

Alot of it is upkeep and for me I like the piece of mind of a warranty that says "I stand behind my product". The last I checked Ford had a 60k mile warranty.... I drive almost 40k in a single year. Add to that the fact that we all push our trucks and I'd like a little more security in a purchase. That being said I don't buy new as of late due to the scope of the work I do anyway.

I've had bad experiences with Dodge/Chrysler products so I refrain from using them.
My old dodge pickup always had header/exhaust leaks and while it was decent inside, it was uncomfortable for long trips.
In 2008 I bought one of the new Wrangler Unlimited Jeeps. It was fun for sure, but cheaply made and expensive for a niche vehicle. After owning it for about 6 months it went all "Christine" on me. The wipers would go on by themselves and it started taking on water from the engine bay that miraculously found its way right to the ECU?? Just plain bad engineering.
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