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Originally Posted by JR's Lawn Service View Post
Tpendagast: The kid as you call him has it figured out. That is basically how the military teaches you, or at least did back in my day...take care of your men and they will take care of you. I have modeled my life after that phrase, and it has worked very well. You can't do the mission if your men don't have it in them to follow you, and respect is always a 2 way street. I pay my part timers $12 to $15 hourly and buy their lunch. I never did get these guys that pay $10 or under. I guess some are successful at that, but I think in the long run it will cost you more in one way or another.
I am in the process of deciding if I want to hire full timers in my 2nd year of this business, but I think I will try to avoid that, however, if I eventually do so, I will definitely make them feel they are a part of the team and not just some 2nd rate employee. You do have to maintain control, but you can use tact and pretty much like I said, just take care of them. It comes back ten fold.

It is much easier to pay part time help 15 an hour here and there.
Move ahead a few years and add more work. 15 an hour on the books is more like 20 and with overtime 30. So when you break 40 hours with two guys payroll is costing you 60 per hour. Now your servicing 2 property's an hour grossing $100 per hour and payroll is 60% of that for the work performed.
It is far easier to start at a reasonable pay scale and reward hard workers with a raise. Just paying more does not ensure motivated and reliable workers.
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