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Quote from Scag dealer

I'm looking to purchase a Scag Cheetah with the 34 horse Kohler with either the 61" or 72" deck. From his email here is what he quoted me:
SCZ61V-34CV Cheetah 61 inch Kohler 34 $10,714.77 cash price.
SCZ72V-34KH Cheetah 72 inch Kohler 34 $11,180.68 cash price.

Couple questions. What do you guys think about the prices? What is the differance between the Kohler 34CV and the 34KH?

I still can't decide between the 61 or 72" deck. This is for my home where I am currently mowing 8+/- acres with a 48" walk behind with a sulky/velkie. I was leaning towards the 72" but, I started listing out the cons and now I'm thinking the 61 would be better for me. The 72 won't fit in my storage building because the door is too narrow (the 61 will fit) and will have to take up garage space. My yard is fairly flat but, it ain't a golf course. I think scalping is going to be a problem with the 72"

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
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