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Theres two different ways to do this. For commercial work, you can add your entire year of services and divide by 12. Mulch, apps, etc. You can also add up all your MAINTENANCE services. Then divide by 12.

I do not include mulch and other high dollar jobs in residential plans. We do have a plan with annual plantings. But that's pennies on the dollar.

We add up 38 weeks of mowing, fert, neccasary pruning and trimming, and a few other small things. Then divide that by both 8 or 12. Obviously 12 will have a lower price, but it helps in the winter.

Mulch, landscaping jobs, hardscapes, etc are not divided over 8 or 12. Those are paid for at the time of service.

You can do commercial either way. We generally don't include mulch. But we do include everything else.

The secret to landing commercial is to make your money outside of mowing.
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