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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Ahhh! That's where I knew the name from. I got the list of attendees the other day in the mail and I saw "Custom Turf" listed there. I was telling my wife, "I know that name from somewhere." I was thinking it was from the RB trip. You guys are RB Select Contractors. Were you at Cabo as well? Anyway, now I remember why I know the name...

Did you see this video about the resort? This got me twice as stoked for the trip. This place looks amazing. We can't wait. Be sure to say hi at the conference!

I did see the video... I think my kids watch it daily. I am bringing my three kids since it is such a kid friendly resort. Looks insane!

We are a RB Select Contractor and my boss (the owner) went on the Cabo trip. He said he had a great time and it was very informative.

See you there!

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