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Sorry to double up posts on you Steve but I just read your new column fresh off the press and it's AWESOME!

You have some great insight and I am also a huge fan of quotes, they put a lot into perspective.

But the quote from Baba O'Riley???? Let me just say that I literally can not believe that you put this in the article. I swear on the bible that I have ALWAYS likened that quote to landscaping/lawncare. A really good friend of mine has always been into classic rock and had given me a mix tape (yes, cassette tape) of classic rock songs during my senior year of high school. (1999) That tape came to work with me and was played in whatever truck I was working out of until all the trucks with the cassette players got phased out. I used to tell my Boss or my co-workers, or anybody that would listen to me that the line that you quoted was written for us!

Just wanted to tell you how happy that made me to read that... To know that somebody else deciphered those lyrics the same way I did is truly priceless.
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