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I'm not sure where everyone is getting this you need to "have a ton of employees" thing. There's nothing wrong with being a true solo operator, you're just limited in the end in my opinion. But if you have a partner or a couple part time people you are far from solo.

Why is your plan for you businesses end? Work it til you die? Have you stockpiled money in a fun for 30 years so you can retire? I don't have that answer but that's what makes me wonder about a lot of us on this site. Do we even have a plan? Heck, Sean had a plan when he started this thread (sorry Sean but I sniffed that one out when I read the title. Good one though).

And guess what, many of you have SIGNIFICANTLY much more business experience than i do. I'm looking to these experienced people and all I find is a lot of negativity except for the few i mentioned. The ones who are prosperous (large or small) have a plan and not that piece of paper you wrote your business plan on. I'm talking every step is laid out in their business from how they mow a lawn, to how they leave the shop, to how they hire people, etc..... Just like they have a phone screening process for clients they have a similar process for potential employees.

Yes it's easier to paint that rosy picture and spout these ideas that hopefully make you sucessful beyond your dreams. Of course reality can and will be different. But guess what, those sucessful companies do JUST THAT. Everyone of them sings a similar tune.......

I hope all of us find our own success this year.
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