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Azaleas do well with limited sun. What azaleas hate is poor drainage. One suggestion for a tough plant that can thrive in full sun or full shade, dry or wet conditions is Nandina. Nandina has various cultivars exhibiting different leaf colors, sizes and some that have showy winter berries. To learn more about plants get a copy of Michael Dirr's "Manual of Woody Landscape Plants". Go to, you can see the first ten or twenty pages of the book.You can buy a used one for around $25.00. I have always bought used, when available & have received a great book. I have the brown book(1998)they show, which is an older version. It is over 1000 pages long. & will teach you how to identify plants using plant morphology, and also goes into detail on 1000's of plants describing them and telling you their cultural requirements, size, habit & landscape value & other specific info. The older version(1998) is still useful. If you want the newer one (2009) it cost a little more & probably shows some newer cultivars. You will not go wrong with either. This book is used in almost all university Horticultural programs & is very easy to read.
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