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I have a PA class A with air brake restriction removed, Haz-mat, tanker, doubles, triples and passenger endorsements.

The Class A is Combinations (trailers over 10k) Which also covers class B (singles over 26,000) and Class C (standard passenger car, light truck, vehicles 26,000 and under). I have a medical card, and I am drug tested a few times a year.

None of this has anything to do with lawn care. I drive a 1/2 ton truck with a trailer well under 10k. The vehicle has no requirement (in my state) for a CDL Nor a chauffeurs license (Not a driving a limo or cab). Simply having a CDL of any class doesnt in its self cause any more hoops to jump through. The extra requirements are dependent on the vehicle you are driving.

Me driving a half ton truck with a 2900lb trailer while holding a class A license is no different than a 16 yr old doing the same with a class C. The only difference is, I can drive the half ton truck to the lot and get in a tri axle tractor and haul a 105,000 excavator down the road. Again, the license type only matters depending on the vehicle being operated. Hiring a guy with a CDL to drive a light truck doesnt change anything in the business. If anything it assures the owner that the guy is a safe driver as its easier to loose a CDL than a Class C.

I don't know why you insinuate people are "skating by" when much of what you said in a "public service announcement" way is wrong or irrelevant. I have my CDL for my other jobs. I have hauled 1k lb scrubbers to 110,000lb excavators, 40ft busses on the back of a 40ft long wrecker and everything in between. While I am far from knowing it all about anything, I am the last one to insinuate that people are skating by without even knowing what the rules are for where they live and operate. Then again, I have enough extra letters on my license to drive damn near anything with wheels on a highway, so I'm not too concerned if the logo on the steering wheel reads Fiat, GMC or Peterbuilt nor if its an automatic or 18spd (Although expecting an engine brake to come on in my pickup after driving a big truck all day usually causes a "doh" moment. lol)
Just like everyone else on here, I have stuff that cuts, whacks, mows and blows. And way to haul it around.

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