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I have sprayed it all times of the year. It incorporates best if it has some way to get into the dirt. I aerate first at home in the late fall. Usually I apply the day I winterize the sprayer in the fall. When I was first putting it on turf I only put a gallon on my 40K at home. Then a month later I put another, then another. The next year I put down a huge amount in the Spring and then when I did it that fall(this was 3 or 4 years ago) I used 3 gallons on my 40K lawn. The more it gets diluted and the slower it gets applied the less burn it causes. Been doin that 3 gallons every year since because it seems to not do any damage when it gets applied in the fall. At a full 30-35lbs/acre it will burn in 2 hours where any overlap is especially if it is mixed like 1 gal/15 of water. Better be using 25-30 gallons of water/gallon of UAN. If it rains right after it gets sprayed it will instantly start to green a lawn up. Overnight.
Its like this product I'm not really sure off hand who exactly makes the product I get.
Yes I get 250 gallons for $250. I have a heck of a time getting that tank out of my truck and into a safe place. I need a fork truck. The delivery is available but it would double the price they tell me. They also gave me the bulk tank and advised me on how to get up to par with it. This is small town IA at it's finest.

Where I get it has huge silos like for grain, only it's bulk fertilizer in there. They say Pioneer on them if it helps you. Some say Dupont. I think he might have gotten into seedcorn so maybe the Pioneer bins are for that seedcorn. Were talking 40 or 50 foot tall bins and tanks.

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