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I'll take a stab at a few things you asked.

Don't think the mister is going to work for general household pests. Need more carrier for ants fleas etc. your going to want to hose it down for surface crawling and subsurface insects

You may get some mosquito control if your doing a blanket app of the talstar you mentioned if you spray perimeter shrubs and trees as well as under decks etc where mosquitoes hide during the day. So that would be in my opinion a better way to combine apps. With that said I would separate them into separate applications.

As far as foundation and crack and crevice around doors and window being necessary if you do a blanket app on a lawn, remember flying insects are going to fly right over your lawn app. Budding ant swarms, flying roaches, flies, wasps, all can fly over your lawn app so yes the foundation crack and crevice around doors and windows is still needed IMO.

1 gal per thousand isn't enough in my opinion for fleas and ticks or even ants unless you irrigate immediately after

I'm sure others will have other thoughts, good luck in figuring out what works FOR YOU.

By the way who you treating in northern Maine? Too cold there for moose never mind humans
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