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One advantage to a Mist Blower is application to the UNDER SIDE of leafs where Mosquitoes hide. Mosquitoes can't survive drying out and have a very short flight pattern. Therefore Mosquito hide during the heat or dry part of the day and are more active both Morning and Night.

I will agree with Fl-landscape about blanket sprays of Talstar/etc. Because of our heavy insect pressure, I believe in 5 gallon of carrier per thousand and go 10 gallon on Fleas Ticks and heavy infestation.

You might want to research installing Mosquito Mist systems. Here in Florida you need a Structural & Mosquito License to install and service them. We also have excellent mosquito control provided by the County. Therefore there isn't a big market for them in my area. With Limes Disease an issue in your world, you might have a winner. There is both Profit on installation and Reoccurring revenue for serving them.


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