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This is a topic that interests me greatly. I spent about 3 months coming up with my name. And ultimately, I decided on Armsden Landscaping. Armsden being my last name. Not only did I struggle with the Armsden part but the landscaping part as well. See, where I come from, which is the greater Boston area, it is very popular to name companies by the last name of the owner and then... landscaping. Traditionally, landscaping means "improving the aesthetic appearance of a piece of land by changing it's contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and shrubs."

Are these the only things that all the "Last Name here Landscaping" companies do? Absolutely not. And like I said, it's just kind of tradition for companies to name themselves this way. I love tradition and this plays a big part in why I chose Armsden Landscaping. You will see lots of companies using "Last Name here Land and Lawn Care" now-a-days which is a sort of all encompassing way to go about it. I like this too, it's covering all the bases. The point is, a potential customer that goes online most likely won't be as naive to skip over Armsden Landscaping if they only need lawn mowing. In my opinion, the terms : Landscaping, Lawn Care, Land Care, Grounds Management, Grounds Care, Property Management, Grounds Services, Landscape Management, can all be meant to define the list of usual suspects... lawn mowing, clean ups, plantings, pruning, aeration, patios, tree work, etc.

Now, there are also companies that do not include the above mentioned words. Companies such as Groundmasters, Early Riser, Pro Turf, Ambius, and even GreenXtreme go the opposite way with one or two word titles that sometimes include an "industry word" and sometimes not. I had about 15 titles like these in my line-up for potential company names. But, I stuck with Armsden Landscaping. Partly because I think I have a unique last name and it can be catchy. And partly because I want to remember my roots and all of those Boston based companies that had family names attached to them.

Is a business name important? In my opinion? Absolutely. It is your company's handshake, it's first impression. Sure, word of mouth is big in our industry but so is marketing and branding.
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