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Thanks for the kind words J&D.

Wow, it's almost been a month since I posted here.

After the Christmas snow we didn't have any more snow for a couple weeks, which was great for New Years! Went to a friends party and had a ton of fun. But we just had a freezing rain event towards the beginning of the month and then two storms last week, one on Tuesday/Tues night & Saturday. Depending on exact location of the Tuesday storm, 3-5" & Saturday's event, which was frustrating because it snowed until about 6-7am and dropped 3" and then the sun came out looking like it hadn't even snowed yet client's lots & driveways had snow on them.

Here are some pics from Saturday as well as some from the Northern Green Expo a couple weeks ago.

All the snow has been awesome however I'm ready for spring and warmer weather! It has been brutally cold this winter, temps in the -20s quite often.

Snapped a shot while shoveling the sidewalk at a resi.

Plowing a daycare/preschool.

My former teacher's (my school has a display booth at the Green Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center) insane fire rock water bubbler that he carved, his creations are amazing. I took a video but the quality is crap if it's uploaded to photobucket.

The banner my school had at the booth. This year they completely overhauled the courtyard of the school and the bottom two pics on the banner are of that. Permeable paver walkway. I can't wait to go there in the spring and see it!

A pic before he lit it.

Normally equipment isn't a big deal to me as I'm much more focused on numbers & systems but this Arctic brand 14' box pusher caught my eyes, along with the Cat skid. An awesome setup to say the least! That's my buddy (one of my irrigation guys) sitting in it, he's huge into operating equip and was pretty much in heaven.

And after plowing for 15 hours straight on Saturday, my buddy (the one sitting in the skid in the above pic) & I went out for his older sisters 30th bday with a bunch of her friends to a pretty upscale club in downtown Minneapolis and had VIP bottle service. A few Twolves players were in the booth next to us, our area became packed as soon as they arrived. Definitely a ton of fun.

Then Sunday we and one more buddy (his biz partner) went up to his cabin about 4 hrs north (absolute middle of nowhere with no cell signal) to ride sleds. It was my first time riding a sled on my own. My dad had one when my brothers and I were really young but then sold it to purchase more dirtbikes and I had never really had any interest in riding sleds until my buddies invited me to head up with them. We spent all yesterday on the lake ripping through about 1-2' of fresh powder. It was a BLAST! But very cold, temps there were below zero with a decent wind and wearing my moto helmet & goggles, it was very cold going about 75mph against the wind. We didn't even ride today as it was -25.

Here's a couple pics.

That is the boathouse in the background, pretty nice in there with a stereo system, bar, & pool table. The main cabin is directly behind me.
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