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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Another consideration is budgeting on the clients part. Especially with commercial/hoa's wanting services in their scope done for x per season. We only have a few per cut customers left, the rest are happy with monthly payments and knowing whatever needs to be done will be done within their budget.
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Are talking flat level monthly payments?

What is the percentage per CC...?

I don't mind doing that for the full rate but I'm trying to make my life easier on the book keeping least favorite part of the job.

Just seems that putting the burden and Reward on the client to make sure the payment get to me or the full rate if late would be appealing to some...?

No bill sent end of month client makes sure I get check on time. 2% maybe 2.5% off.

25-30 in advance 5% off. I just record accounts paid and take checks to the bank.

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