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A Bad Name for the South

I grew up hearing the slang terms for the guys cutting grass. "lawn Ninja" "Lawn Monkey" "Lawn Jockey" "Grass Whacker" I loved the Name Lawn Jockey and chose it for my business name.

For some reason I get a few racial responses from it. People are either offended by it or they are telling me I am the coolest racist they know because I am bold enough to put it out there like that.

Before I named my company I looked up the history of the name Lawn Jockey cause I was curious. It was a statue of a slave of George Washington. George had the statue made to symbolize the Integrity, Service and Excellence of one of his slaves that lost his life in a Winter storm. So I was like slam dunk.
I just got out of the Air Force and our motto was Integrity first. Service before self. Excellence in all we do.

I guess the Lawn Jockey has a different meaning for some folks in the south. I guess I shoulda saw that coming. I don't mean to turn this into a hate or race thread. Don't go there.
I am just saying do some more research and bounce the name off a few more minds before you put it on a street sign.
Integrity. Service. Excellence.

Whole buncha crud
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