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most pooped walkers I see are 4000 hours.

Most ZTRs I see that are "stick a fork in me, Im done" are 2000-2500 hours.

I had a ransomes belt drive walk behind that never had an hour meter, I bought it used (1 season) in 1990... I sold it in 2005 I used it steady for 10 of those 15 years... figure 20 hours a week, 30 weeks, 600 hours a year, plus part time for 5 years at maybe 10 hours a week, 30 weeks...300 hours a did it REALLY have 7500 hours on it??

I dunno... it always ran for 15 years, I used it to cut anywhere between 1/2 acre to 4 acres...that thing just mowed.

It was possessed.

truth is the machine was SO basic and simple there was very little on it TO break.

It ran 100% when i sold it for $800 in 2005.
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