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Originally Posted by twomancrew View Post
Also here is a link to the EXACT product I am using. 30%.

...and instead of cutting me down if you think you know something that might help me out let me know. That's not some type of ammunition for your I'm a d!ck who think he knows something gun. Are we not here to share and learn?
OK... the product you first listed is say 11.1 pounds per gal. 32% is only 3.55 lbs of actual N. Turf grass species in my area require .75-1.0 lbs of N per 1000 ft sq per app approx. 4 times per yr. So, your gal of fert would only treat about 3500-4500 ft sq for me. You use 2 gals to treat 40,000 ft sq. About .18 lbs of actual N/1000 ft sq. 43,560 ft sq is an acre. You are spoon feeding the turf which isn't really a bad thing except you are using quick release which perks things up quick but falls off fast.

The first step in making proper applications is familiarity with your specific turf requirements/tolerances, knowing what you are applying as well as when to and how much to apply. You seemed a little fuzzy on a couple of those and some other points.

You have learned that over applying or not using enough carrier with a liquid application can cause burning through personal experience. That's a good thing I suppose...

This tends to happen with the source of N you are using, especially in warmer temps.

So, now we've shared and learned...
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